FUENSALIDA & DEL VALLE is a firm of renowned lawyers, specialized in tax and corporate matters, with recognized excellence in the private and public areas and the academia, with extensive experience in structure, defense and efficiency tax advisory on corporate and patrimonial matters.

We give great importance and highlight that our lawyers deliver a close, integral and personalized service, providing a sophisticated, avant-garde and current advice.

Our main goal is to provide TAX LEGAL SERVICES, with an emphasis on planning and designing strategies that maximizes tax efficiency at corporate level, as well as in the permanent advisory on personal and familiar wealth management.

An area we commit to with special interest is the ADMINISTRATIVE AND JUDICIAL DEFENSE of cases with tax components, before the Tax Authority, the Tax and Customs Tribunals and the Higher Courts of Law. We also have vast experience in negotiation processes with the administrative authorities, preventing eventual litigations and achieving efficient solutions in time and quantitative aspects.

FUENSALIDA & DEL VALLE is characterized for being at the forefront of contingent and new issues, which is especially relevant in tax matters, which are of permanent evolution. An example is the preparation we have amassed in the analysis and active participation in matters of capital markets, involving both from a corporate viewpoint as well as compliance in structuring, creation and adaptation of products, in matters of international double taxation, off–shore structures, double tax treaties and information exchange agreements, and also recently all that involving the constant changes and new regulations incorporated by the new tax reform, including matters such as tax regimes, CFC or taxation of passive income obtained by controlled foreign entities, new provisions on VAT aspects, among others.

In this sense, our Firm gives special emphasis in substance over form principle matters or new anti-avoidance provisions granted by the tax reform to fiscal authority, where the experience both in the legal process and subsequent discussion of the provisions at administrative level, as well as the permanent participation and requirement of our clients of legal opinions and related matters, have allowed and have derived in an important and recognized expertise of the Firm in such a relevant matter.

It should be noted that, given the experience acquired in the area, is a permanent desire of this firm to taking part actively and decisively in the analysis, proposal and preparation of public policies linked to the tax and corporate matters, especially due to the challenges that our country will have to face in the future.

All of the above allows us to provide a quality, fast and comprehensive service, where the availability of our lawyers and their depth in the analysis and requirements of our clients makes a difference and derive in a relation of noted and constant TRUST, CERTAINTY AND CREDIBILITY.